News item learning factory – from conventional production to LEAN factory

Experience LEAN live

13th September, 2017 | item Redaktion

From October 2017, seminar participants at the Hanover site can find out how to transform a conventional production system into a lean Industry 4.0...

News Austrian steel forge specialist Krenhof appreciates aluminium

Ideal for steel? Aluminium!

6th September, 2017 | item Redaktion

Opposites attract! Which is why a long-established Austrian forge has opted for our aluminium profiles.

News The longest marble run in the world using item D30

Marble run world record using item products

27th July, 2017 | item Redaktion

More than 100 hours of work, 14,000 individual parts, a length of 1413.67 metres, and lots of item products – the perfect conditions for a world...